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What Are You Thinking When you Say, “It’s Just My Thinking”?

I’ve recently encountered a number of people in the 3P community who have mentioned that they  went through a rough patch, but then they realized it ‘was just my thinking.’  Sometimes they go onto say, ‘so I realized I needed to clear my head, or drop the thoughts, or think about something else.’

The statement ‘It’s just my thinking’ puzzles me, because thought is so powerful.  It may be an illusion, but when we’re caught up in it, it certainly doesn’t feel that way.  Thought, as Sydney Banks points out, is the missing link between our psychological experience and the spiritual nature of life.  Thought is a principle, and principles are very powerful – they’re forces of nature.

When you realize insightfully that you’re having thought in the moment, and it’s causing the experience you’re having (your feelings), you align yourself with the principles that govern your psychological experience – Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  When that happens, the principles do the work – they clear your head of unnecessary thinking.  This is very different from you trying to clear your head or drop your thinking, and the results are very different.  People who try to do the work of clearing their heads often say that the same thoughts and thought patterns keep coming back.  Mental calm and clarity, on the other hand, are a natural result of removing the misunderstanding of where your experience is coming from, and coming in contact with the inside out nature of life.

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