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Where do Great leaders Get Their Courage?

Believe it or not, courage boils down to one simple thing: the ability to look thought right in the eye.

Notice I didn’t say it’s the ability to analyze your thinking. Or to try to change it, or make it more positive.

Courage comes from understanding the nature of Thought. Without this understanding, our minds spin out of control, because when you don’t understand the nature of Thought, it makes you inherently insecure. Insecurity leads to a great deal of unnecessary thinking, making you more and more stressed and vulnerable.

Understanding the nature of Thought clears unnecessary thinking out of the way. When you realize that all of your feelings are coming from your thinking in the moment, absolutely and without exception, several things happen that give you the courage needed for great leadership:

  1. Your thoughts settle themselves, giving you the gift of a quiet mind, inner peace, calm, contentment and well being.
  2. You’re able to look the facts in the eye and make good decisions

When your mind is overactive, your mental clarity gets blurred. You lose your perspective and often don’t look at what’s really going on, because you feel like you don’t have the mental wherewithal to do so. When your mind settles and clears, on the other hand, it gives you the clarity to look directly at the facts of any given situation. You’re no longer frightened by feelings you can’t handle. You can see the big picture, and access the quality of thought needed to tackle the challenges in front of you.

Courageous leaders are leaders who understand the nature of Thought. And with the challenges we face in our world today, courageous leaders are needed now more than ever.

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