Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D.

A psychotherapist by training, who works with individuals and couples, and coaches leaders to transform themselves and their organizations by leading through love and well being.

The Three Principles Single Paradigm

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Coaching with Annika

In my coaching, I introduce you to a set of pre-existing principles that are part of nature’s design for your mind to work optimally. The impact of learning about these principles is that people find their minds quieting down naturally, without the use of exercises or techniques. You simply engage in a lot less thinking that is unnecessary and/or unproductive.

Leadership Coaching

Are you looking to increase your resilience so that you bounce back from work/life challenges more gracefully? Would you like to maintain mental clarity throughout your long and sometimes stressful days? Engender trust at meetings and with direct reports? I teach leaders a new paradigm for psychological fitness.

Individuals & Entrepreneurs

Most individuals and entrepreneurs who come to me for coaching are looking for a few basic things – to have less stress, experience more well-being, and have more mental clarity. They are also frequently looking to be more creative, have better relationships, and make their businesses soar.

Couples Coaching

Re-establishing connection is often the first step in any relationship, and often that means re-establishing a connection with yourself. People experience a natural sense of connection when they’re present, and not in a state of mental distraction.

3 Principles Programs for Professionals and Teams

Organization-based Training for Teams.


A mental tune-up for you and your team.


Gaining Traction with your organizational goals through increased mental clarity

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Courses available now

We have a few online courses that you can purchase if you want to start learning about the psychological principles that transform people and their organizations via love and well being.

Resilient Women Leaders in Challenging Times

A 4-part video series on how a simple but profound understanding of the mind leads to resiliency in leadership and the particular strengths and challenges that women leaders face.

The Spiritual Logic of the Single Paradigm

A 6-part video series that explores in-depth how the logic of the 3P Single Paradigm reveals a deeply spiritual understanding of your experience of life.