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I offer year-long practitioner trainings, seminars, and training programs for companies and teams.

The Three Principles Paradigm is a discovery of a new paradigm for psychological health and evolution. This paradigm revealed itself after the discovery of the Three Principles that explain human psychological functioning by theosopher Sydney Banks in the 1970’s.

These principles provide an explanation for how human beings have a psychological experience that is logical and consistent – something previously missing from the field of psychology.

Since their discovery, gains have been made that are exponentially greater than anything seen before in the fields of psychology, education, prevention, resilience, leadership, and organizational development.

It’s stunning because I’ve been working on myself for so long – it feels like nothing happened [during the seminar], and yet everything is so different. I have the energy now to do what needs to be done – I had a case of chronic procrastination and it’s gone! I’m having a wonderful time with my husband and liking myself so much more. I’m so glad the party got started before I left the planet!
Ellen Zerkin
Retired pre-school teacher and explorer of What’s Next
The impact was immediate and in the moment. Relief. Some peace. And the absence of that icky self-doubt I’ve been carrying for years.
Jillaine Smith
Partner, 4QP
I am much less sensitive/reactive. I can handle criticism w/o attaching my self-worth to it. This has probably been one of the greatest gifts for my personal growth and impacted every single area of my life.
Maureen Connolly
Since working with you and learning the 3Ps, I recognize that I make decisions around personal interactions more calmly and feel I more often do and say the right thing. There is so much more peace in my life. And I swear people are more attracted to me.
Rhonda Nordstrom
Owner, Rheal Day Spa
Thanks for a wonderful week doing the Intensive. Just wanted to report that re-entry has been fine. I am staying “in the zone” much of the time. My personal mind is much calmer because I now more deeply understand how the world really works!
Patricia Seybold
CEO, Patricia Seybold Group