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Vision: The Fuel that Ignites the Fire of Leadership

I am coaching some new women clients who are starting new businesses. I have 4 steps that I usually outline for new entrepreneurs:

1) Listen
2) Act
3) Evaluate
4) Act some more.

In reviewing these steps, the importance, of #1 – Listen – has been striking me more and more lately.

In The Missing Link, Sydney Banks says:

Find the spiritual wisdom that will guide you through life from within.
This is where you find the feelings of love, understanding and contentment.
.page 42.

When I talk about listening in the context of starting a business, I mean first of all listening for your inspiration. Inspiration comes with the beautiful feelings that Sydney Banks describes here. I believe that what it takes to have the energy, enthusiasm and courage to start a new business are these feelings. When you are buoyed up by feelings of love, understanding and contentment, it gives you the feeling that you are capable of most anything, anything that’s in alignment with the vision that is inspiring you. Along with those beautiful feelings often comes a flow of fresh thoughts, everything from common sense to wisdom about how to take your next steps and get your business going. Those beautiful feelings give us a knowing, a sense that we’re on the right track, that life is behind us and the wind is in our sails, which enables us to go out and take action in the world, often very effectively.

I wish you the best in finding the wisdom that you seek.

With love Annika

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