The Importance of Maintaining Your Big Picture Thinking

I’m running a webinar series on Resiliency in the Workplace for a group of leaders in Florida.  One of the participants asked: ‘What is it about the spiritual nature of the principles that is helpful to people’?

I can’t say that I have the answer to this question.  Principles are infinite in their implications (how they work and how they don’t work) as well as their applications (ways that they are useful in life).  What people gain from them can be as varied as there are people to learn about them.  But here’s one idea that was offered by one of the participants from the webinar series: because principles are consistent and constant, knowing about the psycho/spiritual principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought gives you a feeling of always having a place to come home to.   There’s comfort in that.     I can add that as you continue to look there, and experience the benefits of re-connecting with that sense of ‘home’ – feelings of psychological security and safety, as well as mental calm and well-being – it becomes second nature to know that, no matter how far from home you stray – how anxious, insecure or stressed out – you know from experience that psychological safety and security are just a thought away.  This is one of the many ways that the spiritual nature of the Three Principles is helpful to you. It’s simply a question of remembering that they’re there and aligning yourself with them.

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