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There’s a Principle of Thought Behind Your Thinking

In my last newsletter, my blog was called “When you Say It’s Just My Thinking, What Are You Thinking?” One of the main points of that blog is that, when people say that, they’re often using their personal thinking to think about their personal thinking – a bit like a dog chasing its tail. This is quite different than aligning yourself with the principle of thought.

I was talking with a client yesterday who runs an antique business. She was recovering from a visit with a relative that didn’t go well. “I know it’s just my thinking,“ she said – there it was again. When I pointed out that she was thinking about this from a personal perspective, when, in fact, principles are impersonal by nature, there was a sigh of relief. “You’re right,” she said. “I’m taking this much too personally.”

The Principle of Thought brings you thoughts and feelings, and clears your thoughts and feelings, landing you back in the present for a millisecond before the next thought arrives. When your mind is functioning in this optimal way, you experience, calm, well being and mental clarity. When you forget that your mind is run by a system larger than you, you often fill it up with so much unnecessary thinking that it clogs the system. Then you experience insecurity, mental stress and confusion. These feelings are your signals that you’ve lost track of how your mind actually works, and gotten caught up in the outside in illusion that things, events and circumstances are causing the feelings you’re having. They are what allow you to re-align your perception with how it actually does work – that your mind is run by a system larger than you. Then you get all the benefits that this brilliant design of your mind provides.

With Love, Annika

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