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Mental Clarity in a Minute

It’s really been striking me lately how easily our minds can clear themselves and return to the present moment, where we have mental clarity and access to our best thinking, and yet how much time we spend disconnected from our mental clarity.

When you watch children, it’s clear that nature designed your mind to clear itself regularly throughout the day. Whether a child is having a great time or a meltdown, once s/he’s had that experience s/he returns to the present and moves on, mentally clear and ready for the next adventure.

The only thing that gets in the way of your mind functioning this way – having mental clarity in a minute – is that by the time you reach adulthood you have often developed mental habits that get in your way. I was talking with a client today who said her mental habit was being in a fog. Another client has a habit of procrastination; others find that worry obscures their minds. Catching onto the fact that these mental habits are feelings, and feelings are thoughts, is enough for the principles to do the work they’re designed to do – clear your thoughts and allow your mind to return to the present moment.

Wouldn’t you like to have mental clarity in a minute? Remember, these principles are always up and running, and when you dial them in, they never put you on hold.

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