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Mental Clarity: The Key to Starting a Successful Business

Debra came to me 6 weeks ago, ready to sign up for a 10 week coaching session.   She wanted help because she wasn’t thinking clearly, and was having difficulty concentrating.  I taught her about the inside-out paradigm, and how the realizations that it brings you allow people to drop tremendous amounts of extraneous thinking and regain their mental clarity.

Debra soon found her thoughts were clearing themselves regularly.  She began to feel more calm.  ‘This is becoming second nature to me,” she told me.  “Now when I start to get nervous or afraid, I notice the feeling, and rather than letting my thoughts go too far down that road, I remember that it’s all coming from inside of me – from my own thoughts in the moment.  The amazing thing is that I don’t do anything to them  – like re-framing or all those other thought techniques I used to work so hard at.  My mind is doing it all on its own.”

Debra soon began to notice that she was having more mental clarity, and getting some ideas about new directions to take with her work.  Debra is a media consultant, creating media portfolios for performers and others wanting to make a good impression with their business.  But she was feeling the need to branch out in a new direction.  “All that time before, when I couldn’t get any good ideas, it was like there was a logger jam in my mind.  Now new ideas have begun to show up on their own. I started fooling around with some ideas with a friend of mine.  We got the idea to put our talents together – mine as a creative media consultant, and my friend, Mellisa Zaccaria’s facility with the internet.  We thought, ‘what if we could help people get better results with online dating?’ ” They came up with the name “Dating Goddesses,”  and within a few days had launched a simple website, www.datinggoddesses.com.   Within one week, they had their first 3 clients!  And one of those clients has already gotten better results from working with them.  It looks like a successful business in the making, and they are having lots of fun in the process.

Mental clarity is the natural result of mental calm, when are minds are dropping thought on a regular basis, without the aid of techniques or exercises.  When our minds are calm and clear, we get better ideas – often ones that lead to success in business, as well as the other areas of our lives.

With love, Annika

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