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Valentine’s Day Special: The Leadership of Love

In the last ezine, the feature article was called “What’s Love Got to do With It,” and, with this ezine coming out just before Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking again about the connection between love and leadership.

I think everyone would agree that relationships are fundamental to great leadership. Not just for the leader’s organization, but for the world at large. Good relationships are the key to cooperation between companies, states and nations. Cooperation at the local and global levels means being able to make our world a better place.

When people learn this single paradigm understanding of life, they gain psychological freedom in a way that often frees up roadblocks to relationships. You may remember how, in ezine #35 (“Your Consciousness Can Change the World”), Heidi Sparks Guber described how a conflict she’d been having with someone resolved when she realized that she was perceiving the situation through a mixed paradigm lens. She had been thinking the woman was causing her frustration, and that if she could get it right in her thinking, and in her communication with her, it would straighten out. But it wasn’t working. When she realized her frustration was coming from her thinking in the moment about this woman (the single paradigm) her mind cleared. The next e-mail that Heidi sent her was somewhat different in content, but very different in the quality of consciousness, or feeling that was behind it. To Heidi’s amazement, the email she got back was unlike anything she could have expected – it was kind, grateful and appreciative. Their relationship has gone from difficult to positive.

Stories like these keep pouring in – of the woman in our last Women’s Leadership seminar in NJ, who found after she returned from the seminar that her relationship with her 31 year old daughter – which had been strained and conflicted since her daughter was a teenager, was completely different. This time when she called her, her daughter was appreciative, loving, and grateful for her suggestions. ‘It’s like a miracle,” she said to me. “I don’t know what else to attribute it to besides the workshop.” And the woman from our November NYC Seminar who is now getting along with her husband after many years of conflict and strife.

There are also many stories of women gaining new relationships with themselves and therefore a new lease on life. Four women so far have landed new jobs and/or major contracts within a week of completing the seminar!

We don’t teach people how to get a job or have good relationships in these seminars – at least, not directly. These are stories of how the single paradigm does the work. Once you understand how your mind really works, you’re able to align yourself with the principles that govern your psychological functioning. Like getting a train back on its tracks, the mind is able to function as nature intended, dissolving old thought patterns that are in the way of fresh healthy thinking, and allowing you to be responsive, creative, and in the present moment.

May your Valentine’s Day be one of love and connection.

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