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Getting Past the 3P Emotional Roller Coaster

Learning about the Single Paradigm has helped me enormously with integrating the three principles into my life sustainably. Before learning to think about the principles paradigmatically, I was on a kind of emotional roller coaster, and so for the most part were my colleagues and our clients. It didn’t look that way to me at the time, because my life got so much better after learning about the Principles in 1993. And the roller coaster I was on was nothing like the mentally fraught life I’d lived before learning the 3P’s. It went like this: I’d listen to Sydney Banks or one of our teachers, my head would clear itself of whatever mental clutter I’d been carrying, and I’d feel great – for a while. Eventually my head would fill up again and that good feeling would disappear. Then I’d be on the hunt for someone or something to jog me out of it again.

Since learning the Paradigmatic way of understanding the Principles, I understand what the problem was. Though the Principles demonstrate that we are creating our experience (feelings) through Thought (combined with Mind and Consciousness), the illusion that events and circumstances created my feelings would slip in under the radar, time and time again. It looked to me like a fight with a friend, for example, caused my feelings, and then I had to wait for the Principles to clear my head of the mess my thoughts had created and start over.

The Single Paradigm makes it crystal clear that I’m either outside in – forgetting that Thought is creating my feelings in the moment – or inside-out – remembering to factor Thought in the moment into my moment-to-moment experience of life. Learning that has allowed me to find an instant re-set when I start to lose my grounding in the present. Instead of losing that good feeling for hours, days or even weeks, I’m back in the present as soon as I remember to factor Thought into my current experience.

I’m very grateful to have a way of living and teaching the Principles that is both scientific in its logic, and sustainable.

With Love, Annika

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