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What If We Really Could Help The World?

One of the things that I often notice about the new psychological paradigm is how, once you align yourself with it, it does all the work. Like a well-oiled engine, it keeps your mind running smoothly. Rather than thinking positively, re-framing, looking for a good feeling, or trying to clear your mind, aligning yourself with the single paradigm does it all. It causes your mind to become rooted in the present, because it allows you to see your own thinking more of the time. As you see yourself thinking, it makes less and less sense to be in the past or the future.

The result of not filling up your head with so much extraneous thought is that there’s room for mental clarity, insight and wisdom to show up on a regular basis. Layers of thought habits you developed over the course of your lifetime fall away, making room for fountains of fresh thinking to arrive.

In my own life, this happened recently in a way that had a big impact. As I was working on a podcast series, I suddenly had the thought: ‘this could go out to the world in a major way.’ I realized that the combination of the internet with the simplicity and power of the single paradigm could impact large numbers of people who are struggling. To my surprise, I then noticed a feeling of heaviness lilting, something I’d been carrying for a long time and didn’t know was there. Perhaps it began with whatever thoughts I had growing up, when I realized how many people were starving and homeless, and that there appeared to be no real way to help them. I see my daughter struggling now with the same conundrum. What if there really was a way to help our world?

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