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Mental Clarity In a Minute – the Key to Leadership

Mental clarity is essential for leadership, because when your mind is clear you have more intelligence at your disposal. You have a larger perspective, are more open to new ideas and are more likely to receive the kinds of insights that can solve business challenges and move your organization forward. Your mind becomes more orderly and efficient. You also have a sense of well being when your mind is clear and are more likely to connect well with others.

Every successful leader I’ve worked with has found a way to access mental clarity regularly, through working out, running, letting their mind settle and clear on the way to work, cooking, or taking a walk around the park. While it’s helpful for people to experience mental clarity in these diverse situations, it’s not always practical. You can’t always get to the gym or on an airplane when you need a solution to a complex problem. Many leaders I work with wish their mental clarity was more easily accessed and sustainable.

The fact is, the mind is designed to achieve mental clarity in a minute. When we remember to factor thought into our experience, we align ourselves with the principles that are put in place by nature to keep our minds running optimally. Then even the most potentially stressful business challenges can be much less stressful, even enjoyable. As a woman leader in charge of re-structuring her company put it to me recently, “Understanding the role that thought plays makes all the difference. If I start to get bogged down, I remember that I have higher quality thinking available to me, and then I don’t grind away at things. All that unnecessary thinking that would normally get in my way just evaporates, and I’m back in the game feeling better and more capable than ever.

May you have increasing mental clarity in your leadership roles.

With Love, Annika

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