Coaching for Individuals and Entrepreneurs

If you knew that there was one fundamental explanation for how the mind works, that was logical, consistent, and true, what do you think the impact would be on your life? Most individuals and entrepreneurs who come to me for coaching are looking for a few basic things – to have less stress, experience more well-being, and have more mental clarity. They are also frequently looking to be more creative, have better relationships, and make their businesses soar.

I teach a new paradigm based on a discovery of principles for how the mind actually works. Principles are fundamental, consistent, and true. They are constants that are discovered, not created, the way theories are. The impact of learning about these principles is that people find their minds quieting down naturally, without the use of exercises or techniques. You simply engage in a lot less thinking that is unnecessary and/or unproductive. This absence of excess thought allows for a mind that is naturally quieter and more present. In a state of mental presence, people naturally experience the well-being that is innate inside all of us – which is why we get happy on vacation or doing our favorite activity. Naturally, your stress levels go down, which allows for more mental clarity, and better insights and creative ideas, for your life and for your business. Relationships thrive in an environment of mental well-being, presence, and clarity as well.

Most people benefit greatly from an 8-session package, and then we decide from there if any more coaching is needed or desired. Four-Day Intensives are also available, and a great way to get deeply grounded in the principles I teach.

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