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What Provides Spiritual Nourishment for Your Heart and Soul?

It can seem complicated, but it’s really very simple.  When you find yourself in the present moment, a whole world of spiritual nourishment opens to you.  We have all experienced this – when you’re on a long vacation, working out, being with your child, making pottery – suddenly, you find yourself IN THE MOMENT.  Time slows down.  You have a sense of presence.  Often, you are filled with a feeling of well-being – of ‘all’s right with the world.’ And often new thinking and spiritual insights present themselves to you.

The present moment, and the spiritual nourishment it provides, is always available.  It’s just that your mind is often too busy to experience it.  We all need the mental rest and refreshment, as well as the deep sense of connection and purposefulness, that you find there.

The Three Principles, and the Single Paradigm they reveal, give you the understanding and the map you need to find your way back to the present moment.  Every time you get caught up in your thinking, and then REALIZE that you’re feeling your thinking in the moment, and not whatever events and circumstances are happening in your life without the mediation of thought, you find yourself back in the present moment. Your mind clears itself of all the thinking you don’t need, and the world of the present becomes available to you once again.  That’s where you find the spiritual nourishment you need for your heart and soul.

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