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Re-establishing connection is often the first step in any relationship, and often that means re-establishing a connection with yourself. People experience a natural sense of connection when they’re present, and not in a state of mental distraction. But how do you become present? Most people find that the benefit of using techniques or exercises to create a state of mental presence is short-lived.

In my work with couples, I introduce you to a set of pre-existing principles that are part of nature’s design for your mind to work optimally. These principles will help you begin to be less distracted and more present in your life, and with your partner. Once that state of mind of presence and connection is re-established, I teach you how to communicate in ways that allow you to hear what’s really important in what your partner is trying to say, how to allow their truth to have an impact on you, and vice versa. In this way, issues begin to resolve organically, which leads to real and lasting healing and change between you.

Understanding these principles and the new Single, Resiliency Paradigm will give your relationship a second chance, and the ability to be back on an evolutionary track together, so that you experience your relationship as vital, growing, and alive.

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