When Your Mind is Clear, Mental Clarity is Revealed

Revealing your innate capacity for a high-performance mindset

In today’s business world, everyone gets worn down and overwhelmed at times, whether it be from working in data-driven markets, learning new skills, facing business challenges, or just working too much. The single greatest contributor to a high-performance mindset is a state of mental presence, but mental presence can sometimes seem unattainable when your mind is stressed or overwhelmed.

In this 1 1⁄2 day REVEAL Program, you and your team get the opportunity for a true mental hygiene break, one that allows your mind to clear itself of unnecessary thinking, become refreshed, and regain mental clarity. The REVEAL Program introduces you and your team to some principles for resetting from stress when you begin to go there, which makes your learning from the program sustainable. Simply understanding the principle-driven nature of your mind is the first step toward regaining psychological balance whenever you lose it, moment by moment as you go throughout your day. This principle-based understanding of the mind cuts out the need for techniques or exercises, saving you and your team a lot of time, and greatly increasing the potential for mental clarity, having more access to insights and fresh thinking, confident decision-making, and good teamwork.

How it Works: The REVEAL Program is a 1 1⁄2 day program that will give you and your team a true mental hygiene break, as well as a tune-up. This training is ideally used before an important staff meeting, such as one that includes creating a vision, strategic planning, creating and implementing a budget and/or budget cuts, improving company culture, and/or hiring or firing staff. The companies I work with say that doing the REVEAL program before an important meeting or staff retreat has had a direct impact on the meeting’s success. People listen better, tend to have more mental clarity, have better ideas, and work together more efficiently. During these 1 1⁄2 days, you and your team will get the basic training needed to begin creating a high-performance mindset, based on a mental state of sustainable mental presence.

I brought Annika in to do a REVEAL Program just before our 2017 tax season. It was well worth the investment! My staff was much less stressed and reactive under the pressures that tax season brings. They were able to respond to the issues that arose and were much better at setting boundaries with challenging clients. Their efficiency saved us a significant amount of lost time and money over the previous year, and we retained more clients.
S.S., Portland, ME.

To discuss scheduling a REVEAL Program for your organization, please contact Annika here.

I run a small company that manufactures sustainably produced women’s clothing. We brought in the REVEAL Program just before our 2017 staff retreat. It had a big impact – we saved a lot of time because people were more mentally present. The meeting ran more efficiently, and I thought we were unusually productive and innovative.
S.F., Seattle, WA.
I brought a REVEAL and then a TRACTION Program into my division of a large, global manufacturing company. I thought the results were remarkable. My team suddenly became much better listeners and got along better, truly bringing out the best in each other. Some of the most profitable products that our division has produced in years were created in the wake of these programs. I love the fact that we can continue to use the simple but profound guidelines for mental presence, clarity and efficiency without the use of techniques or exercises, which become cumbersome after a while.
D.T., San Francisco, CA.

To discuss scheduling a REVEAL Program for your organization, please contact Annika here.