Bringing Mental Clarity to the Daily Workings of Your Business

This 2 ½ day training is designed for you and your staff to use what you learned in the REVEAL Program to create ongoing mental traction in your organization. This can look like: having mental clarity become your baseline for living and working, relating well with others, confident decision making, and an organization marked by a high company culture and synchronistic teamwork.

In this training we will set goals as to what you are looking to achieve for your organization – a better company culture; the ability to successfully implement budget cuts; hire or fire staff or create a vision and a strategy. The training will be linked to the accomplishment of these goals.

Optimally, this training will be followed up by some coaching for you and your team, to help you integrate your high-performance mindset into the daily workings of your organization.

I brought a REVEAL and then a TRACTION Program into my division of a large, global manufacturing company. I thought the results were remarkable. My team suddenly became much better listeners and got along better, truly bringing out the best in each other. Some of the most profitable products that our division has produced in years were created in the wake of these programs. I love the fact that we can continue to use the simple but profound guidelines for mental presence, clarity, and efficiency without the use of techniques or exercises, which become cumbersome after a while.
D.T., San Francisco, CA.

To discuss scheduling a TRACTION Program for your organization, please contact Annika here.

I run a small company that manufactures sustainably produced women’s clothing. We brought in the REVEAL Program just before our 2017 staff retreat. It had a big impact – we saved so much time because people were more calm and present. The meeting ran more efficiently, and I thought we were unusually productive and innovative.
S.F. Seattle, WA.
I brought Annika in to do a REVEAL Program just before our 2017 tax season. It was well worth the investment! My staff was so much less stressed and reactive under the pressures that tax season brings. They were able to respond to the issues that arose and were much better at setting boundaries with challenging clients. Their efficiency saved us a significant amount of lost time and money over the previous year, and we retained more clients.
S.S., Portland, ME.

To discuss scheduling a TRACTION Program for your organization, please contact Annika here.