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Are you looking to increase your resilience so that you bounce back from work/life challenges more gracefully? Would you like to maintain mental clarity throughout your long and sometimes stressful days? Engender trust at meetings and with direct reports? I teach leaders a new paradigm for psychological fitness. Just as physical fitness has become the norm, whereas as recently as 20 years ago it wasn’t thought of as required for healthy living, psychological fitness is only beginning to be thought of as a pre-requisite for a robust mental life.

I teach a new paradigm that reveals nature’s design for optimal mental functioning. When you align yourself with these pre-existing principles, they do the work of clearing your mind for you, on a regular basis, so that you are continually returning to the present moment, where you can easily access your mental clarity. When you engage in optimal mental functioning in this way, your stress decreases, and your resiliency improves. This ‘inside out’ state of mind, as I call it, connects you to your own wisdom, and allows a state of mental presences to become your home base. This is a state of mind that naturally engenders trust – a hallmark of impactful leadership.

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