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Awakened Leadership Part 1 – What Is Awakened Leadership?

As an awakened leader, you have awareness of your state of mind. Are you experiencing well-being in this moment? If so, you’re mentally present. You’re in touch with that flow of fresh thoughts that brings solutions to everyday problems, and breakthrough insights that can take your company to a whole new level, and possibly even change our world.

Or are you feeling stress, annoyance, overwhelm?  These are the times when your thinking is less trustworthy. It makes sense to back off from major decisions and be more careful in your interactions with others. In this way, awakened leaders avoid making mistakes that have to be cleaned up later. This has a huge impact on the success of your organization, builds trust in you as a leader, and is reflected in the bottom line.

The more leaders understand these simple but profound principles, the more awakened they become.  Being an awakened leader puts you on the cutting edge of evolving leadership.

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