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What makes Principles Sustainable?

Principles are by their very nature sustainable.  They are laws of nature, which at some point become available to us through a realization.  Newton was a professor at Cambridge University who had a realization one morning while getting out of bed, and that realization turned out to be the law of gravity.  As with most realizations of this nature, that create a paradigm shift as to the way we view reality, it took about 40 years after Newton’s realization before people began to put it to use.  But gravity was in effect before Newton’s realization, before anyone put it to use and will continue to be in effect whether we are aware of it or not.  In this sense, principles are self-sustaining.  Anything that is a law of nature is self- sustaining because it never goes away, and doesn’t change.

The Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought explain where experience comes from.  They unlock the key to human experience that people have been searching for for hundreds of years.  These principles demonstrate that consistently and without fail, all experience comes from thought.  Because they only give people one place to look, they facilitate an awakening to how experience is arising in  your own mind.  This gives people the psychological freedom to not engage in thought patterns that waste time, create stress, or lead to negative consequences, and to allow their minds to become more available for patterns of thought that take them where they want to go – to a world of deeper feelings, like calm, love, joy and contentment; to a sense of connection with our world and with other people; to creativity and inspiration, and  knowing when to make decisions.

Once you begin to understand these principles and see how they work in your own life, your understanding is self-sustaining.  Once you learn how to walk, or ride a bike, and awaken to that sense of balance within you, it becomes a realization, or touchstone, that your awareness returns to as needed.  It’s like you realize something that was always there but that you hadn’t been conscious of.  It’s the same with these principles.  Once you see your thinking creating your experience, you realize that it’s been doing so all along, you just never realized it before.  That understanding stays with you for life.

A natural aspect of understanding these principles is finding that you are enjoying a world of deeper feelings that may not have been available to you before.  Once you realize it’s only thought that can create your experience, it’s only natural to look toward thoughts that bring you more optimal experience.  Deeper feelings like Love, Joy, Well Being, Creativity and Gratitude are also self-sustaining.  Unlike the kinds of emotional reactions we have to more personal, habitual thought, like fear, anxiety, worry, and insecurity, or excitement, which tend to drain us of energy, deeper feelings nourish people and give them energy.  In that sense these principles are self-sustaining as well.

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