Why a Busy Mind Is Not Productive

It surprises me sometimes how many people think that in order to be productive you have to have a busy mind.  Most people know that a busy mind causes stress, and that stress is not only the leading cause of disease, but it leads to a loss of mental clarity.  In fact, research now shows that mental stress literally lowers your IQ.  How can you be productive when your IQ goes down and you lose your mental clarity?

While yoga and meditation help you let go of the mental habits that cause stress, most people find that the mental calm they experience from such activities only lasts a short while.

The good news is that there is a way to achieve and sustain mental presence without the use of techniques.  I teach individuals, couples and leaders about a new paradigm that removes a fundamental misunderstanding about how the mind works.  Incredibly, the simple removal of this misunderstanding is allowing countless people around the globe begin to lead lives from a state of mental presence that is sustainable.

Mental presence is the antidote to stress.  As a leader, it allows you to connect better with your teams and workforce, create trust, communicate effectively, and have high functioning teams.  It gives you the mental clarity you need to get good ideas and insights to evolve your business.  And all the energy that gets freed up from not coping with ongoing stress is energy you can use to be productive.

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