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How do We Know the Feeling of Truth?

Did you ever see the movie, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life?’ Remember how a part of the storyline is that whenever a bell rings it means that an angel just got his wings?

I feel that way whenever I hear truth – when a thought arrives in my mind that has the feeling of truth, it feels like a little bell just rang – ding! Clear and beautiful.

Finding the feeling of truth, and knowing what thoughts to trust, particularly when it comes to making decisions, was the reason I searched for and found the Three Principles in the first place. I was struggling with making a big decision at the time – whether or not to marry someone – and I knew that the tools I had on hand – weighing the pros and cons, etc. – may have made sense logically, but weren’t tools that I really, deep down inside me, trusted. I knew there was a feeling to making the right decision. But I didn’t know how to find that feeling. (By the way, I didn’t marry him, which turned out to be very much the right decision!)

My New Year’s Gift to you is this: Every one of us is capable of knowing with absolute certainty when we can trust our thoughts and our decisions, and when we can’t. When you realize that all your feelings are coming from your thoughts – without exception – it becomes obvious when you’re thinking in ways that are squirrely or untrustworthy (by the squirrely and/or untrustworthy feelings you’re having).  And you become increasingly aware of the feeling of truth, of rightness, of the right decision, for you. For me, it’s often the feeling equivalent of the ringing of a little bell. You will discover what that feeling is for you.

Happy New Year, and may you become confident in the decisions you make in 2014.

With love, Annika

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