The World of Well Being – Deeper Feelings

Why do deeper feelings matter? They’re the greatest remedy to stress, for one thing.  Stress takes a great toll on peoples’ mental and physical health.  When we tap into the world of deeper feelings, the mind re-sets itself.  There’s a rhythm to everything in the universe – everything moves in a wave-like pattern.  When those waves are stalled in the body by too much sitting, too little movement, we get disease.  When they’re stalled in the mind, we get stress, and over time stress can turn into insecurity,  anxiety and worse.

Your mind is always functioning in one of two ways – its actively going after thought, moving around your personal world of data, analysis, past and future, or its receptively settling into the here and now.  You’ll know how your mind is functioning by how you feel.  When you settle into the present, even for a moment, you get touched by the world of deeper feelings.  You relax, sigh, perhaps notice that the sun is coming out, there’s a beautiful scent of fir trees in the air, or that the silence of that moment holds you close.  When your mind moves back into its more effortful function, that awareness disappears, and your feeling state will be neutral.  If you stay in your perosnal world of thought for too long, you will begin to expereince stress, and eventually various forms of distress.

We Are Always Getting Prompts: Everyone has a core of innate health and wisdom, that sends out quiet thoughts to help keep you on track.  Its that same voice, or thought, that appears quietly in your mind when you’re leaving the house and “umbrella” passes through your mind.  You think, no, its sunny out, and leave without it, only to be drenched in a downpour later in the day.

That same quiet wisdom is giving you prompts all the time about how to keep your mind in its natural rhythm of moving in and out of the present.  When you’ve been hard at work, using your personal world of thought , you’ll have the thought, ‘take a break.’  It’s up to you whether you respect or ignore that thought.  If you listen to it, you might take a short walk, or close your eyes at your desk for a few minutes, or do whatever else occurs to you in the moment to take your mind out of current function and let its return to its natural rhythm of rest and be receptive, then retrieve or analzye data.  Again, if you ignore it, you’ll know it by the way you feel – you will begin to feel stressed and tired, or notice that you’re having arguments with people, or making a lot of mistakes at work, or being inefficient at your tasks at home.

Deeper Feelings Help People Function at their Best:

Deeper feelings fill you with joy and well-being.  People’s minds naturally become more inspired and creative.   You become more productive and successful.  And because your own feeling reservoir is full, you have more to give to others.   You’ll be kinder to your children, and get along better with your spouse.  You’re more likely to have the time and energy to check in on a sick neighbor, or volunteer at a food bank.  You become more interested in making our world a better place.

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