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A Quiet Mind: From Ah To Aha

A quiet mind – sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Noisy people, traffic, the electronic distractions of smartphones, headsets, computer screens, smart speakers, etc., added to your incessant inner chatter, make you long for peace and quiet. Turns out, a quiet mind doesn’t just feel good – it’s good for you. The evidence is compelling. A restful…
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Preparation for Mindfulness: Discovering Your Mind’s Capacity for Natural Mental Presence

Have you ever tried to practice Mindfulness, or other forms of meditation, but found you couldn’t, because your mind was too busy? When trying to meditate, do you spend all your time trying to concentrate and focus, only to find your mind wandering? Yet if mental presence is so hard to come by, why is…
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Resilient Women Leaders in Challenging Times

PRICE: $197

A 4-part video series on how a simple but profound understanding of the mind leads to resiliency in leadership and the particular strengths and challenges that women leaders face.

Featuring Cheryl Bond, Chantal Burns, Sandra Krot, and Annika Hurwitt.

Cheryl Bond, Ed.D.

President, Essential Resilience

Cheryl discusses how a Three Principles understanding helps women leaders navigate some of the challenges they face, such as work-life balance, speaking up for themselves, asking for raises, and standing in their success.

Chantal Burns

3P Coach and author of the best-selling book, Instant Motivation.

Chantal discusses the impact that women’s thoughts and beliefs have on the challenges they face as leaders.

Sandra Krot, MS.

Leadership Coach and co-author of the book, Invisible Power.

Sandra discusses the value of helping women leaders see that there is an intelligence behind life which we are all a part of and have access to, and how this intelligence is there to guide you into making your best decisions. Sandra teaches leaders how to explain this natural capacity to others in a way that makes sense. “When your mind settles down you will come up with something helpful and insightful.”

Annika Hurwitt, Ph.D.

A psychotherapist by training who works with individuals and couples, and leaders.

Annika discusses how much things have changed for women moving into leadership; the challenges women leaders still face; and how decision-making continues to be one of the primary assets, as well as challenges, for women leaders. She explains the science behind how to make good decisions, and how our minds are designed perfectly to get through challenging times.